The Mortgage Process

Express Mortgages is so much more than a mortgage broker. First of all we say we use the whole market and unlike a lot of our competitors we actually do! We will guide you through the mortgage process step by step acting on your behalf consistently providing a fast, personal service for people who appreciate expert advice and just need someone they can trust to take care of their details.

Rest assured we will look after your mortgage application throughout. We have specialist teams that are experienced in dealing with the different processes involved and we will contact you if necessary so if you do not hear from us please don’t be alarmed as the process can take time. We understand that you are keen to obtain your mortgage as quickly as possible but the following steps must be followed to completion.

Fact Find

Finding out what you want from a mortgage. Unlike high street banks, who will advise only on their own products we will customise your mortgage and search the market to find the most suitable products which involve matching your expectations with a market leading product.


Agreement in Principle (AIP)

We will send you product information and then our highly trained AIP team will pursue a financial agreement from the chosen lender – same day or up to 2 working days.


Mortgage Application

The Case Management Team will ask you for specific documents in support of your application to include proof of identity which will allow them to finish off all the paperwork and submit the full application. The Insurance Team will now contact you to review your mortgage protection. Our staff are chosen very carefully and trained to get your application through to formal offer as efficiently and quickly as possible.


Formal Mortgage Offer

This is the paperwork to state the terms and conditions of your mortgage. Income references and Surveyors reports are now complete. A copy will go out to you, your solicitor and us. You may need to act to confirm acceptance.


The Legal Process

Your solicitor will collate and organise all the legal documents obtaining your signature where necessary. They may ask you to send them documents during the process which will affect the timescales and we will continue to liaise with them on your behalf.



Funds are drawn down and your application is completed. Remember our service doesn’t stop here as we are on hand to answer your financial queries and stay in touch to update you with industry news and your mortgage reminders.