A recent industry wide survey by the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA) demonstrates that Express Mortgages is one of the top performing brokers within the UK. On average, a Mortgage Broker will complete 69% of all applications they submit on behalf of their clients. Of course many brokers complete an even lower percentage of applications, Express Mortgages however had a completion rate of 83% in quarter 4 of 2015. IMLA concludes that the best brokers are, “evidently highly effective at matching borrowers with the product best suited to their needs, and we expect them to build upon this success as they continue to get to grips with adjustments to the.. read more →

03 Dec 2015
December 3, 2015

Is Buy to Let still a good investment?

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An editorial from one of the Directors at Express Mortgages on recent Government announcements affecting Buy to Let Landlords: As well as owning a share of Express Mortgages I also own a number of Buy to Let properties with my wife. Naturally you would assume my position would be to play down the impact of Mr Osborne’s “tax attack” on Buy to Let, but unlike many of my industry colleagues I’m not going to do that. We can’t simply ignore the changes but neither should we push the panic button like many media commentators have done. One important point to make is that some properties were a bad investment in.. read more →

20 Apr 2015
April 20, 2015

Buy-to-Let re-mortgages rocket

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Two thirds of buy-to-let mortgages being transacted in quarter 1 this year, are re-mortgages of existing properties owned by landlords – according to Mortgages for Business. Managing Director, David Whittaker says: “Record low mortgage rates are driving wave upon wave of landlords to reassess their finances.” “A great deal agreed last year may be uncompetitive by today’s standards. So this stampede is completely rational – it represents a charge by landlords to make the most of an unprecedented economic situation.” Since the banking crisis, lenders have been reluctant in the buy-to-let re-mortgage sector because of falling house prices and the risk of negative equity. To counter this, the most attractive.. read more →

Landlords are increasingly confident about the availability of buy-to-let finance. This is according to new research from Paragon Mortgages, which shows rental property owners are now more optimistic than they have ever been since the financial crisis struck. Some 44% of landlords told the organisation they thought buy-to-let finance was readily available in the first quarter of 2014. This represents a 2% increase on the year before and is the highest figure recorded since Paragon started the survey in 2010. John Heron, the company’s Managing Director, stated: “The availability of buy to let finance is vital to a healthy and competitive private rented sector.” “As the market has recovered we.. read more →