Other Services

Over the years many clients have enquired about various related products. We have made the decision to expand our knowledge and arrange these services as part of our duty to act in our clients’ best interests. Below is a brief description on these:

Mortgage related insurance

You may or may not be changing your financial arrangements and to ensure you receive a full and thorough review we offer advice in relation to personal protection and general household insurance. After speaking to our Consultant you can be passed to our Insurance team for a review of your existing cover or to help identify any shortfall in these arrangements which includes life and / or critical illness cover and income protection options for accident, sickness and redundancy. Our Case Managers will also check if we can offer you Landlords or Household insurance when your offer is ready.

Have you considered what would happen if you got seriously ill, a partner died or if you were out of work for a period of time? Take the worry out of how to pay your mortgage by speaking to our specialist team. You can also ask for a review at any time even if you decide not to use us for your mortgage and we can review your general household insurance on an annual basis as part of our ongoing customer service.

Call us now to make sure you are protected correctly on 03330 144333 or by using our simple contact form.

Secured Loans

Acting as a second charge behind your mortgage secured loans can be useful for a variety of reasons:

  1. Raising finance when tied in to your mortgage.
  2. People who want monies fast and with minimal fuss.
  3. If proving income is difficult.
  4. Flexible lending terms including low credit score and / or adverse credit.

For more information about our secured loans (or to speak to one of our advisors) please telephone 03330 144333 or contact us.

Commercial and bridging finance

When the property falls outside normal lending terms it could be that you require more specialist finance. We have helped a lot of clients raise finance on all sort of property. This could be land, a hotel, a derelict barn – for more reasons than you might imagine.

For more information about our commercial and bridging finance (or to speak to one of our advisors) please telephone 03330 144333 or contact us.


Self build mortgages

This has been a popular area in recent times. More and more of our clients are starting to build their own home. This could be on land their current property already occupies or land available elsewhere. With some of the schemes you can even raise up to 100% of the build costs.

For more information about our self-build mortgages (or to speak to one of our advisors) please telephone 03330 144333 or contact us.