New Build Property Mortgages

express-mortgages-new-buildsAt Express Mortgages we have specialist knowledge of the new build sector.

This is highlighted by the fact that a number of builders recommend our services to their prospective buyers as they know we can deliver the service that new build property buyers need.

If you are considering buying a new build property contact us today and we can provide mortgage quotes, including Help To Buy options, along with advice on understanding the process of buying a new build property.

New build properties – what you need to know

New build properties require specialist knowledge when it comes to obtaining the best mortgage. Too many buyers, and brokers for that matter, are unaware that certain aspects of a new build buying need to be considered. A few examples are:

  • Construction type
  • Exposure limits by lender to the development
  • 28 days to exchange contracts
  • Offer validity periods

Without consideration to the above (and more) it is quite possible to waste time and money applying to the wrong lender. It could also mean that you lose the property of your dreams if the builder decides to sell to a different party. If you need advice on new build mortgages contact us or telephone 03330 144333.