Home movers and first time buyers

house-with-key-graphicSo you have your heart set on either moving or buying your first home. You may at this stage have found the home of your dreams and perhaps even agreed the price. Now what?

Having helped literally thousands of clients buy a home since 2004, we can state from experience that whether you are first time buyer or have moved house a number of times it doesn’t necessarily get any easier. This is especially true if your last move was prior to the start of financial crisis of 2007 you will find that pretty much everything has changed.

Express Mortgages have developed a level of service that takes as much stress as possible away from our clients. Apart from actually finding your new home we’ll be with you from first contact until the day you complete your purchase.

Comparison tables of mortgage products on offer appear to simplify matters, yet in reality there is a long list of criteria you must satisfy behind each of these mortgages. This becomes apparent when after two weeks you finally get a meeting at the bank or building society of your choosing, only to discover you don’t qualify for one of their mortgages.

Whilst no broker can guarantee a 100% success, the completion rates for our client’s mortgage applications are higher than almost all the UK lenders at present. This is because we will find the right lender and product for you, without the arduous task of you calling and meeting them one by one.

Once a mortgage product has been identified for you, an Express Mortgages adviser will send over full illustrations as set out by the Financial Conduct Authority, together if appropriate with a suitability report tailored to your unique circumstances.

When you give the go ahead, we will complete an application on your behalf, send it off to the lender and liaise with their staff, the valuation officer and solicitors from thereon in.

Find out more about the mortgage process or contact one of our advisers for more information.