Customer Incentive Terms and Conditions

Express Mortgage Services Ltd [the Company] will send £100 vouchers to any person [the Referrer], whether an existing customer or not, who refers a friend relative or colleague [the New Customer] for a mortgage application subject to the following:

  • Completion of the New Customer’s mortgage;
  • the New Customer’s name, and contact details to be supplied either by telephone or through the recommend a friend form.
  • the existence of the Referrer is made known to us during the initial contact and that the New Customer is happy for the Referrer to be notified upon completion;
  • the New Customer is not already known to us, whether an application has been processed or not;
  • the New Customer has not been referred by another source, whether an application has been processed or not;
  • that the Referrer makes no more than 5 successful referrals within any calendar month and that these are made on a personal and not commercial basis;

Restrictions/ Limitations/ Exclusions:

1. The Company will send £100 incentive voucher per New Customer details and not in relation to the number of applications this person may require.

2. Incentive vouchers will not be given where the Referrer has referred a customer previously known to the Company.

3. The Company will not give further incentive vouchers to a Referrer after 20 successful mortgage referrals in any one calendar year, with a maximum of 5 in any one calendar month, as it believes this exceeds reasonable use of the scheme. We are happy to discuss volume referrals by way of a special agreement.

4. The Company reserves the right to refuse to accept any referral at its discretion.

5. The Company reserves the right to withdraw the incentive scheme at any time without prior notice and no liability will arise from doing so.

6. Incentive payments will be paid in accordance with the Customer Incentive Procedure.

7. The Company will not provide updates for the Referrer but will notify them when the New Customer’s mortgage completes, provided the New Customer has given consent.

8. Vouchers will be released by the Company Accountant or a Director, and the Company will not be bound by any time limit for release, although the vouchers will be released within a reasonable time following completion of the New Customer’s mortgage.

9. Vouchers will not be due for any referral where the Referrer is party to the mortgage.

10. The Company can withdraw from the scheme without notice but vouchers will be sent for any existing applications that are as a result of a referral.

11. Once the Company has sent the vouchers by post any liability under the incentive scheme is complete.

12. Details of our Privacy Policy and how we use and store the data collected within the referral form can be found here.