Buy-to-Let Mortgages

buy-to-let-graphicWhether you are an experienced property investor or just starting out as a first time landlord it’s important to get your mortgage choices correct. The EU Mortgage Credit Directive of March 2016 means landlords now must ensure they adhere to both the rules of a lender and those of the legislator. Most of Express Mortgages clients have buy-to-let mortgages, as do the business owners. This means buy-to-let mortgages and private rented properties is a part of our industry, close to our hearts.

It is also important to remember for landlords who own either 1 or 100 investment properties, that this is a business. As with all organisations it’s important to keep running costs to a minimum and the ongoing expense of the mortgage will be the biggest consideration in this objective.

With each additional property, the exact mix of mortgages in the portfolio can make a significant difference in the monthly spend of the landlord. Speak to one of our advisers for more information or read on to see how Express Mortgages can help you find the right Buy-to-Let mortgage.

Our advisers will give you up to the moment advice on…

  • The lenders you qualify to access
  • Which lenders are easier to deal with and those whose processing is quickest
  • The cheapest products available to you
  • The right type of mortgage product given your future plans
  • How to balance borrowings across a portfolio in the most cost effective manner
  • Whether the mortgage should be recognised as a regulated or unregulated contract
  • And much, much more…………..

We could of course put a comparison table on the website for our clients to view current rates and fees but very rarely do the low rate products sitting at the top of such tables work out to be the best option. Many comparison websites (and some brokers) use these just to entice people to make an enquiry only to be left disappointed. Finally these tables often omit exclusive products available to select brokers like EMS and as such are misleading.

We at Express Mortgages believe the best way is to give up to the minute, accurate and honest advice, something that you can only deliver if you get to know a client’s circumstances and their hopes and ambitions in the property market. This does not require hours and hours of your time, because we have designed a comprehensive but relatively succinct set of questions to establish you situation accurately. All this can be achieved over the telephone and we will send you instantly all mortgage illustrations by email.

We always explain why we believe the particular advice is right for you – right here, right now – and our recommendations are offered without upfront commitment and obligation from you.