23 Dec 2011
December 23, 2011

A Thank you from us to you

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Following a very difficult 2010, we’ve had a much more successful 2011.

In times when obtaining a mortgage can be extremely difficult, the Consultants at Express Mortgages are passionate about making the case for our clients. This is often evident in the office when I hear a Consultant or Case Manager debating heatedly with an underwriter on the telephone as to why they should agree to accept certain mortgage applications.

We have worked extremely hard in understanding the way the lenders work, knowing how long they take to deliver a mortgage offer and all of the 1543 different pieces of lending criteria they insist upon.

The proof of this was demonstrated in November. Most mortgage brokers use around 6-8 different lenders each month. Last month we applied to 27 different lenders for our clients. Lenders like Shepshed, Furness Building Society, Aldermore Bank, Leek Building Society and even Scottish Widows all provided solutions for our clients when the mainstream lenders refused to consider them.

So we want to say a big thank you to all of you who trusted us to manage your mortgage applications from start to completion, and we hope you have a very happy Christmas and more prosperous 2012.